I am the Principal Broker for Mauro Realty, LLC, and I provide free services to consumers needing market expertise.  You ask:

  • What exactly is free?
  • Why is it free?
  • How can the services be valuable or necessary?

I offer professional consultationon a no-fee basis to folks who buy and sell real estate.  The service is free because there is no charge to you.  However, the brokerage may be eligible for third party reimbursement.

Consumers, in general, do not know what constitutes quality real estate service.  Typically, they have only vague expectations about what anagent should do for them.  So, they turn to me, and I help them determine which agent is best equipped to serve their unique needs.  Having the best possible client-agent match helps the client save money, and avoid headaches in a transaction.

For example, successful transactions depend on effective negotiations at every step.  And most clients do not know what it takes to be a successful negotiator.  So, effective real estate consulting helps the client understand and utilize the negotiation process.

My history with teaching, data collection, and market analysis is foundational to successful consulting.  And my track record dates back to the early 1980’s.

We are in the process of developing training videos, and an online library of resources.  And the resources will be free of charge to anyone seeking real estate information.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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